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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 11, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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the stories behind them. that means it's time for "right this minute." a suspect sits inside a police cruiser. >> he's caught. but watch what happened next. >> how he gave cops the slip, in their own car. and update on that front porch prowler caught on hidden camera. an "rtm" viewers reveals an arrest and the suspect is a shocker. >> ah -- >> you're kidding! >> nerve earn knew it the whole time. >> they speak a language you may not understand. >> don't get your pantiness a wad. >> you are grumpy. >> it's time for more stuff, southern women say. >> lord have mercy! >> and 'tis the season for shipping. why that sends francis into a rant. >> i want my packages! i want my [ bleep ] packages! i want my [ bleep ] packages! >> in the back of the police car that you're seeing in this
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individual grow the dashcam of another police car is 41-year-old darin douglas porter in custody suspected of burglary of a nearby store. keep in mind, he's in the back seat. he's cuffed. but watch what happens next. you see them there with the cuffs still on. gets into the driver's seat of this police car and drives off. >> he could have just taken off running. right? that's so much better. >> now we're seeing the dashcam from the police car that he just stole pup see him here taking this thing on a joyride. >> so he drives off. the cops don't even see their car drive off. it wasn't like, oh, there goes our car. let's go. he didn't notice right away. it appears that is the case, nick. because darin douglas porter abandons this car later at an apartment complex, and it's still at large. >> he got away? >> yes. >> no way. >> why can they not find this
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guy? >> keep in mind. he's driving this with his hands cuffed. >> most of us can drive with one hand. so maybe he just keeps his wrists together -- >> can you go like in? pretty difficult. police say the chances of finding him are "very good" facing felony theft, in addition to the initial burglary. >> what happened? >> when they got the cars from the dealership they were told the back windows were disabled. obviously they just didn't check, because they surely were working in this video. now police are going to, maybe, do a double check of all the back windows in the rest of their cruisers. >> yeah. right. >> there's going to be a memo coming out on this. a heavy snowstorm hit croatia over the weekend, and i have some time lapse footage of just how much snow accumulation there was. you can see the dirt. you can see some grass, some plants, and there's a ruler there. his is, of course, in
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centimeters, but watch as the snow begins to fall. >> that looks like soapsuds. >> yeah, it does. also notice the leaves drooping down as the snow is settling on it, weighing them down. >> there is goes. >> whou. >> look at that. >> we're passing 32 centimeters, 46 centimeters, the last thing you can see on the screen is the 54 centimeters. we're about to go off the screen. in total, this was more than 21 inches. of snow. heavy winds and freezing temperatures we're talking about negative 4 degrees celsius. this storm affected all of the balkan states, but this video itself is from croatia. on this same youtube channel we found this video of the city turned white in a matter of hours. here's one more video from that same youtube channel. you see the cars get buried. >> this stopped travel in southeastern europe and even a handful of deaths were reported as a result of this storm.
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>> is this more than they're usually used to? what's so odd about this one? >> they had unusually warm temperatu temperatures for the fall. now heavy winds an with the snowfall. it may not like like it, but this is cutting edge technology if you're a syrian rebel. basically what you're looking at is a tank. they've got armor cladding built over an old car chassis. they've got a gun mounted turret up top. but look. if you noticed, there are no windows on this tank. of course that wouldcompromise the security of a tank. instead they'vemounted cameras drive via camera view. the gun turret looks to be operated by a police station controller. >> yeah. i was like, this doesn't look like warfare equipment. it looks more like a game. >> if you're fighting a government-funded military, and this is all you've got to work
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with, this is pretty good. >> that took some know-how. to take a video controller, hook it up so you can drive this and shoot. that's pretty -- a lot of thought going into this vehicle. >> how much protection is this really offering them, though? >> good question. there's no footage of the tank actually in battle, but i've got to believe it's better than running down the street with a rock. >> better than nothing. last week we showed this video from livermore, california. the owner of her home had furniture stolen from her porch. she was fed up and this is what she caught. >> unafraid, smoking a cigarette. >> like it was his own porch. >> well, we wanted to know what happened, if anything has happened, since we've shown the video. so via skype "right this minute" from livermore we have the home owner via skype "right this minute." so what's happened since the video was on the show?
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>> last night the cops came to my house and they caught the guy at about 7:30. >> who is this guy? >> actually a neighbor that lives two plok blocks away fro >> no kidding. never seen him in my life. i just moved in october 1st and it started happening two weeks later. >> when you played that video back, were you surprised to see somebody the first night? >> oh, my gosh. yes. he was just coming over whenever he want the. i called the cops a few times. nothing was working, and set up a video and set it up in my window and it, woulded the first night. >> tell us exactly how he was identified? >> i don't know exactly. in an accident and the traffic officer identified him from the video and called the livermore police department. the first night there was, like, cigarettes on the front porch. a lighter he stole. he went in my backyard, stole like a pell it gun that was my landlord's. it was me being scared in my own home. nothing was stopping him.
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>> we're glad you're ak and we are glad that he's now behind bars. >> for the first time i finally felt safe in my own home. putting my video out there, i can't tell you how much it helped and i thank you guys so much, it worked, i thank you guys so much at "right this minute." >> [ cheers and applause ] >> may, we're happy to help. >> i watch you every day. i love you and i can't appreciate you guys enough. ♪ an orlando reporter finds a video that could crack the case. >> now at least police and family and friends have something to go on. >> see what the video shows -- next. two young girls take their chris mitt wish to the big man. >> they're probably sitting there thinking, yeah, okay. santa. we've been wishing for a long time. what are you going to do? time. wh[ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk.
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mourning because a friend, 28 years old, hit by a car. that car then took off and left the scene. people closest to him may have been filled with a lot more despair if not for a journalist at wf tv. raquel was following up the case and uncovered this surveillance individual grow a nearby building that captures the hit-and-run on camera. aaron was riding his scooter in the evening. the car you can see clearly collide with the scooter. stop for a brief second and then take off. aaron died at the hospital just hours later. >> seeing that made me give me a little hope. >> now at least police and family and friends have something to go on. at least now they know that is a four-door light colored sedan. >> i think it will help all of us start to grieve a little bit better. >> they had nothing to go on before this tape surfaced. >> going from no clue what's so ever to the type of vehicle, the color and almost make and model of this vehicle, that's huge. >> and the car the guy was
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driving has to have some damage in the front, but what great thinking of this reporter to be curious enough to ask the shop if they had a surveillance camera and that they were able to get a clear enough idea of what actually happened. >> they're going to find someone, because of this video. during time of year, one of the favorite things to do is sit on santa the lap to ask for your favorites gifts. these two little girl, 9-year-old brooklyn and 8-year-old rachel. ey're aout to meet santa and special. >> what's the most important thing? >> they haven't seen their dad for nine months. their dad is lieutenant jeffrey kristonson who's been in afghanistan. guess what they're going to ask santa for christmas. >> daddy. >> uh-huh. >> wish real hard. oh!
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>> daddy! >> i missed you two. you know that i missed you? >> and santa made their wish come true. he brought daddy home from afghanistan. >> that red dude is magical. huh? >> oh, yes. >> i missed you! >> i missed you, too, baby. >> all you have to do is wish with all your heart. >> that's awesome. they probably were thinking, yeah, santa. we've been wishing a long time. what are you going to do? and then, poof, dad's there. >> daddy! >> they must have been good little girls all year long to get a wish granted this quickly. >> i love you, babies. little man, best friends. ♪
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♪ not long ago we had some real fun with southern women saying. >> we learned a lot. >> a lot we learned from you. definitely. >> a lot waf verified. >> i'm going to learn ya in the southern tradition. it's "southern women say" episode 2. >> look what i got ot outlet mall. >> that dress is ugly as homemade sin. >> and even the southern women are getting into "50 shades of gray" i'm lied to point out. >> i don't think that's stuff -- >> lord, have mercy. >> they discontinued my china pattern. >> still buying china? whole sets of china? >> are you [ bleep ]. >> that one -- >> don't get your pantiness a wad. >> is there a different between a twist and the wad?
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>> wad means you are grumpy. >> best way to not get pregnant, keep an aspirin between your legs. >> what? >> hold an aspirin webetween yo legs you ket get pregnant. sheila watkins, you want to see, click on best of "rtm.." it's video by air. >> drop your order right where you are. >> see how the burrito bomber works, next, "right this minute." and still to come, it's a form of fighting that -- >> probably the most crazy, insane thing i've seen in my life. >> now hear what it's all about from the leader of what he describes as. >> a band of sweaty, smell you socks. >> and a kid with a strange you're on timeout leo!
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[ female announcer ] at&t u-verse. tv like you've never seen before. ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. best of rtm, beth what do you have? >> what a meeting might have been like for peter jackson before "the lord of the rings" was a big hit. check this out. executives who aren't getting it. aren't familiar with "the hobbit" or "the lord of the rings." >> something better than this tiny, binky ring? >> if it's so important why are people dropping it into the river and losing it for years? >> it's supposed to be a spoof. >> i got a feeling this next video will be all over the
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place. montell jordan's "how we do it" to the soviet unitune of. instead of a bouncing bounce, the star of david, with lyrics like -- ♪ this is how we do it >> to see both parodies head over to and head to -- >> best of "rtm." this is probably the most crazy thing i've seen in my life. gathering. t d a combination between mixed martial arts, assault club and assault with deadly weapons. >> fake knives. >> they've got to be. because people are stabbing each other, murderer style. men doll this. women doing this. i think it's appropriate in the background you hear "welcome to the jungle" by guns and roses. >> oh. >> wow! >> you heard that that cane just
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crack off that guy's shin. you saw the injuries he had. they have these masks on that look like fencing masks and gloves but really that is all the protection they have. >> i thought mma was hard core. this is hard car. >> it looks like these people enjoy this. this is somewhat they do recreationally as a hobby. >> denny is in l.a. joining us to talk about "dog brothers" what is this? >> no judge, no referees, one rule only. friends at the end of the day. >> i've got to know -- are you guys crazy? >> sometimes we describe ourselves as a band of smelly, soggy, higher consciousness through harder contact. >> these knives that these people have, can they cut somebody open? >> aluminum training lives. they're not actual knives, and what we're looking for is to see what does and doesn't work.
9:21 am
both offensively and defensively. >> explain this concept of higher consciousness through harder contact? >> well, the full thing goes like this. the greater the dichotomy, higher consciousness through harder contact. each fighter remains responsible what these doing, evening thoen it's fully aggressive, it's done from a conscious morality and the experience of staying calm and centered while in the adrenal state is a transformational experience. >> who are the people that do this? >> we have one guy who's a f hd in physics, a guy who's a full m.d. i used to be a lawyer but outgrew it. >> anybody can sign up? no training? >> for most people, don't go in without training. this is a you have powerful, very intense experience. here an "right this minute"
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we like to showcase little boys and girls withe mazing talents. right? >> sure. >> so it's time for more -- >> oh. >> this is little 7-year-old siena and mom leslie uploaded this video to our my channel feature of leslie is dressed as a tiger at the auburn football game. so you can see. you can see the huge auburn tiger dressed in the full mascot uniform, and she is breaking it down. >> she's got stilts. >> they made to make her the mascot. >> the mask is going over her head. >> very hot. >> behind her team all the way. win, lose, rain or shine, she it there. >> are you ready for some more -- >> this one is a kid in saudi arabia. >> he has a strange talent. [ siren ] >> what? >> he just set off an alarm? >> no. that is coming out of his mouth.
9:23 am
he can imitate a police siren, if you will. >> hold on. it actually sounds like a siren coming from a cop car. >> it's going to be a sad day when his voice drops. >> it will start being a -- [ siren ] >> if you're his parents, you don't have the to worry about this kid's safety. if anything happens, he just starts the siren. the thieves are going to run. [ siren sounding ] how do you know the exact moment i put my headphones on while you're ringing the [ bleep ] doorbell? >> the [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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guys, i think it's safe to say they've been getting quite a bit of snow up north in minnesota. >> a snowy day here in minnesota. 234is is the first big snowfall we've gotten. >> from the joe and zach survival channel. >> maybe four inches on the ground now and by tonig a brilliant idea, how l of 11 to get some of that snow the heck outta there without a snow plow. zach hooked up a fork lift with a basket on the front. the basket they used to work on maybe power lines or something. >> and is using that to get rid of the snow. to clear a path. >> they call it the hillbilly snow plow. >> look how dry that road is underneath the fork lift as he gets by moving that snow outta there. >> how's it working?
9:27 am
perfect. >> here's zach talking about it. >> pushing it pretty good. >> zach's having a ball doing this. for a young kid like him to be out there pushing around some snow with a fork lift? i mean, that's a lot of fun. puppet dance party with a surprise ending. ♪ ♪ ♪ it may not surprise you, but the busiest shipping day of the year faums this week. for example, fedex normally ships 8 million packages on day on average, they expect to hit 19 million shipped pammages
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setting a record. the guy who seems to be most irritated is -- santa? >> close. >> jolly -- >> francis. it's 2012, man! >> oh, no. he's back. >> this is a message for the people who work for the delivery services here in america. i know you know who i many a, because i get all my [ bleep ] delivered, from a record store. vip to get all of my clothes stuff online. that's white, i get my fat people clothes through the fat people store. go ahead. make fun of me. >> i make fun of him and say -- >> oh, look. another package, you got another [ bleep ] in the mail! >> goodness. >> francis is pretty mad before, but he's fired up. >> i try to get replacement live saver it comes like this -- >> you got to have a little patience. especially this time of yeear. if you are patient, francis -- >> how do you know the exact moment i put my headphones on before you ring the [ bleep ] doorbell?
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i'm always here! how do you leave a [ bleep ] on my front door! i want my packages. i want my [ bleep ] packages! hear that? it's here. >> that's our show. thanks for spending time with us, and we'll see you next time.


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